Action Against Hunger


Elevate awareness for Action Against Hunger USA as global leaders in preventing child malnutrition and death, inspire current donors to give more, and attract new prospects to support the organization.


As the only global humanitarian organization solely focused on ending global hunger, Action Against Hunger USA realized it had a unique and powerful opportunity to lead the issue by increasing support for its programs to maximize impact. However, as an organization functioning within an international network, Action Against Hunger USA's ambitions required significant evolution of its positioning, overarching narrative, and messaging to inspire and engage diverse audiences. CCOP worked with Action Against Hunger USA to leverage key assets to engage major donors while laying the groundwork for the organization's growth.


Action Against Hunger USA is working to double, by 2020, the number of children who can access urgent hunger treatment, and to help countless more families realize the goal of never needing hunger treatment at all.

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