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ESG Narrative, Purpose Refresh


Craft an authentic, relevant, and integrated ESG narrative, tied to a refreshed purpose, to guide Campbell  through a period of transformation and business growth.


This project required a mix of subject matter experts–those well-versed in the food industry, knowledgeable about emerging best practices in ESG, and skilled at crafting communications that connect hearts and minds. CCOP assembled a team of industry experts to develop a new framework to organize and communicate Campbell’s ESG narrative. This approach grounded the iconic company in the present while positioning it to be an ESG leader in the future. Our work on the ESG narrative led the Campbell’s team to bring CCOP into ongoing work to evolve the company’s purpose, and eventually to develop a comprehensive plan to embed the new purpose throughout the organization.

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Rooted in insights from the ESG work, the CCOP team partnered with a cross-functional team of Campbell stakeholders to embed purpose internally across the company  and eventually externally. The new purpose was embraced with excitement by Campbell employees, as well as by external stakeholders.

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