Welcome to the future of purpose strategy, creative, and execution.

We've seen it all. Carol created the world's first agency focused on social purpose, Cone, Inc. To go global, she sold to Omnicom in 2000. Holding companies do not have the structure to unite a nimble framework with deep subject matter expertise, so Carol joined Edelman in 2010 to trial a model of private and global. Closer, yet not flexible enough. 

She launched Carol Cone ON PURPOSE in 2015 as a flexible, authentic, experts-at-the-center model to advance organizations' social purpose. Hands-on.

We have deep expertise to guide companies, brands, and non-profits to authentic, powerful purpose. The CCOP team drives strategy, planning, and select implementation. To augment and scale our capabilities, we created the Purpose Collaborative, a 40+ firm-strong global network of the best purpose-centric agencies and issue experts. 

Think the Hollywood model, with strategy and creative at the center, and custom teams built to give clients the precise capabilities they need, in a lean, cost-effective structure.


Teams with the extensive expertise to deliver boldly, on time, and on budget. 


CCOP partners lead client strategy, creative concept development, and overall management

Purpose Collaborative

Execution is provided via custom teams selected and managed through CCOP

110 Wall Street

New York NY 10005


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