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Image by Annie Spratt

Purpose Development


Kerry Group, a multi-national B2B food and ingredients company, and the global leader in taste and nutrition, engaged CCOP to develop and activate their corporate purpose, in a critical project led by their CEO, Edmond Scanlon.


Purpose could galvanize a large company that grew through multiple acquisitions and inform strategy for the next stage of growth. With presence in 32 countries via 151 locations, Kerry Group’s purpose had to be co-created with the company’s thousands of employees to be authentic and resonate globally. CCOP embarked on a discovery process that included hundreds of interviews and 10 workshops in regions around the globe, with employees from all levels. This listening process and deep C-suite engagement, paired with a comprehensive analysis of the company’s history and values, core competencies, competitive set, growth objectives, and key customers needs led to the creation of the $7 billion firm’s purpose: Inspire Food • Nourish Life.


Kerry’s purpose was introduced at the company’s first global meeting of top executives.  CCOP worked in partnership with Kerry’s leadership team developing an introduction video, core messages and presentation for Kerry’s CEO, including an intimate “fire-side” Q&A discussion. Throughout the meeting, purpose introduction working sessions were held to stimulate discussion surrounding the potential of the purpose to inspire and activate employees and customers.

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