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American Express | Purpose 360 Podcast

Not many consumers know that American Express pioneered modern cause marketing. In 1983, the company launched a breakthrough campaign to support the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. (Even fewer know that American Express launched its very first employee giving campaign in 1885!)

Since then, the company has continued to evolve as an outstanding corporate citizen. To talk about American Express’s initiatives, we spoke with Timothy McClimon, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and President, American Express Foundation.

Listen for Tim’s insights, including:

  • How philanthropy, citizenship, and purpose have evolved over the company’s century-plus history

  • Why the company is committed to being a low-carbon organization, and how it’s working to protect the environment

  • How the company’s pioneering support of the Statue of Liberty—dating back to 1885—has evolved into a long-term commitment to preserving historical places

  • How American Express transformed its iconic Green Card to raise awareness for the ocean plastics crisis

  • Why employee volunteering and giving are essential to the company’s purpose efforts, and how they make American Express an employer of choice


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