Celebrating our 100th Episode: Insights from Purpose 360 Podcast

By host Carol Cone

I must have heard the question a hundred times: “When are you going to start your own podcast?” Today, as the team behind Purpose 360 celebrates episode number 100, we want to express our gratitude for everyone who asked me when I planned on “finally” starting a podcast.

The truth is, this podcast is not about me. It’s about the 100+ guests I have had the honor and privilege of interviewing over the last (almost) three years. From purpose “giants” like Unilever to startups hoping to disrupt the status quo (for good) Purpose 360 has featured provocative conversations and career-defining insights from some of the smartest people in the field.

Whether you’ve listened to one episode or 100 (or are just now learning about our mighty little show), I hope the insights below inspire YOU to be a purpose-driven leader in your role.

These are some of the favorite things that have been said on Purpose 360.

On finding an authentic purpose:

”The only way for you to adopt a purpose that stands and that sticks over the years is to do something that is authentic to your brand and to your company, matters to your consumers and inspires your employees, and, of course, is aligned to your business.”

Pablo Jimenez, AB InBev | Listen to the episode

“I don’t think organizations make up their purpose. They reveal their purpose. And it’s up to the people in the organization to reveal that purpose and bring it to life.”

Michael Sneed, Johnson & Johnson | Listen to the episode

“We built our social purpose using the three A’s: articulate, assimilate, activate. The first part, articulate, is really about sharpening and identifying that purpose. You cannot be successful if the social purpose that you identify is not truly integrated into your core business strategy. They need to match.”

Jin Montesano, LIXIL | Listen to the episode

On “story-doing,” not just storytelling:

“A purpose without action is just some great words that folks can feel good about. We use purpose as the lens through which we make all of our decisions. We want to have a ripple effect that elevates other individuals and communities, particularly those in need, and raises them in the process.”

Bob Jimenez, Cox Enterprises | Listen to the episode

“How are you going to put actions behind your words, so people have visual and physical evidence of your purpose coming to life, both within the walls of your company and out in the community? Otherwise, purpose just becomes words on a page.”

Atlanta McIlwraith, Timberland | Listen to the episode

“Don’t be afraid to put the purpose-led initiatives head-to-head with your product-led communications and see what’s more effective.”

Kathleen Dunlop, Unilever (Vaseline) | Listen to the episode

“Don’t let your process become your purpose. Remember what your actual purpose is and all the process that you put around it. Be willing to adapt and change, because living it is more important than some process oriented approach.”