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Get an advanced degree in purpose with the Purpose 360 eBook

Download Edition One for 75 insights from purpose and sustainability leaders at organizations including Unilever, REI, JetBlue, American Heart Association, Mars, and 20 others.

“How do I get a job with purpose?” It’s a question Purpose 360 podcast host Carol Cone is asked weekly by seasoned and emerging professionals alike.

“Today, work with meaning is becoming the goal of many, no matter what age or stage in their career,” said Cone, CEO of Carol Cone ON PURPOSE, and co-founder with Chris Noble of Purpose 360 Podcast. “We launched the podcast two years ago to accelerate the purpose economy and knowledge of professionals who are seeking jobs with positive impact.”

The team behind Purpose 360, called a “masterclass” in purpose and a “must-listen podcast for the stakeholder economy,” has compiled 75 actionable insights from 25 case studies in this eBook to give industry professionals an edge to advance their purpose careers.

From attracting the best talent to developing inspiring cultures and deepening stakeholder relationships, purpose--an organization’s reason for being beyond profits--is critical to set long-term vision and achieve sustained business growth. Discovering and activating an authentic purpose is now considered critical to the growing “stakeholder capitalism” movement, which asserts that businesses should serve all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Purpose 360 interviews leaders advancing purpose in their organizations, from gold-standards Unilever and Patagonia to nonprofit stakeholder justice leader JUST Capital. Select episodes in the eBook include insights from organizations and purpose leaders about their approach to COVID-19 and the racial justice movement, offering real-world case studies for organizations seeking to identify or evolve their purpose in the “next normal” with authenticity and empathy.

“The ideas and examples in this eBook were selected to inspire and inform people along their purpose journeys, from in-house professionals to practitioners and students in the field of social impact,” said Cone. “Purpose is a mandate for businesses of all sizes and industries today. I am proud to have the opportunity to speak with extraordinary people activating purpose for business and societal impact.”

Download the eBook above for insights including how to:

  • Approach the social issues of today with humanity, while leveraging an organization’s core capabilities to drive progress

  • Develop built-to-last partnerships by identifying shared values and goals

  • Balance heritage and a vision for the future developing and implementing purpose

  • Build cross-functional teams to bridge C-suite vision for purpose with the talents and ideas of employees across the organization

  • Architect social impact programs that deliver against business and societal goals, while allowing for flexibility and evolution over time

Purpose 360 podcast has been called a “masterclass” in CSR and purpose. On the show, Cone and Noble interview senior leaders at organizations from all sectors and industries about their journeys to identify, integrate and activate purpose in their organizations. To listen and subscribe, click here.


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