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“Today, more than in the past, people look for a purpose—something that is stable, something they believe in, something meaningful. We have to move from being a business person…to making business human.”

This quote from Michelin North America CEO Alexis Garcin struck me for a few reasons. Garcin captures the root of business purpose: humanity. At the end of the day, every business on Earth plays a role in supporting or advancing humanity. So whether companies are beginning their purpose journey or feel lost in the weeds of a 24-hour news cycle, shifting consumer preferences, and fluctuating economy, I urge their leaders to pause and ask: How are we bettering humanity? In his brilliant CEO Daily Newsletter, Fortune’s Alan Murray covers this very topic, musing on the importance of purpose in an increasingly VUCA world. I encourage you to read his thoughts—and the many quotes within, including Garcin’s—here.

In search of meaning ❤️‍🩹 Disengaged. Unfulfilled. Checked out. Increasingly, these adjectives describe the average U.S. employee, according to new research from StrawberryFrog and Dynata. With only 23% of the workforce engaged, it’s becoming even more important for companies to offer ways for their employees to derive meaning from their work and belonging in their roles. // Purpose Power IndexWhy employees’ search for meaning will define the future of work

Investing in the SDGs 🌍 KKR has raised $2.8 billion for its second global impact fund, which invests in companies aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This fund more than doubles the size of its predecessor and targets companies providing solutions to social and environmental challenges. KKR's Global Impact strategy emphasizes themes including Climate Action, Sustainable Living, Lifelong Learning, and Inclusive Growth. // ESG TodayKKR raises $2.8 billion for SDG-focused global impact fund

From thin air 💨 Bay-area startup Heirloom recently opened the first commercial "direct air capture" facility in the U.S., offering “Caas” (carbon removal as a service) to tech clients like Microsoft and Stripe. The facility will capture up to 1,000 tons of CO2 annually and store it in fresh concrete, reducing the carbon footprint of the concrete. Heirloom aims to lower costs to $100 per ton of captured CO2 and ultimately remove 1 billion tons by 2035. Like any good startup, Heirloom’s tech can be scaled by adding more trays as demand increases. // FastCompany—In California’s central valley, a massive carbon removal factory is pulling CO2 from the air

Getting the gig 👩‍⚖️ More than 3,500 Workday employees have turned to gig work—all while keeping their core job. The program is part of an internal initiative to reskill and upskill talent at Workday, allowing employees to try different roles and learn new skills. Not only does this help develop talent, but it enables employees to apply skills they might already have—but don’t use in their “regular” role—to support other parts of the business. So far, the program has increased employee sentiment about career development and helped employees earn promotions faster. // FortuneWorkday is reskilling employees by letting them take gig work in different parts of the company

Listen to this episode and others here 🎧 Macy's is ushering in a new era of purpose-driven giving with Mission Every One. Join Bobby Amirshahi, Senior Vice President and Head of Communications, and Sam Di Scipio, VP of Corporate Communications, Giving & Volunteerism, to hear how the purpose is guiding new traditions – especially this holiday season – and how it has led to astounding strides with partner Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, raising $4.87 million in just one year.


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