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Clearly communicate and elevate Restore the Earth Foundation's expansive vision, methodology and solutions to address climate change through landscape scale restoration of essential forest and wetland ecosystems. Our role was to build awareness, credibility and secure large, long-term partnerships to fund their work. 


Restore the Earth Foundation is working to restore 1 million acres of degraded land in the Mississippi River Basin—North America’s Amazon—to its natural state. When complete, the project will reduce U.S. carbon emissions by 2 percent. CCOP strategically reframed Restore the Earth's vision and capabilities in a highly compelling way to more easily resonate with potential corporate sponsors and individual donors. We also worked with the Foundation on thought leadership and media relations to add credibility to their unique approach and build awareness at targeted events to ultimately attract new funders.


Placed Restore the Earth at the right platforms and events, gained targeted media exposure, and attracted additional partners to restore thousands of additional acres. 

The reframed positioning led to 6 new partners, adding millions in funds to advance critical efforts.

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