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Advancing the Stakeholder Economy | Purpose 360 Podcast

From employer vaccine policies to shareholder activism, JUST Capital continues to rank and report on the companies, leaders, and trends advancing the stakeholder capitalism movement. As the leading voice in ‘just’ business behavior, JUST Capital is a nonprofit organization with a mission to equip the market with the data, tools, and insights to deliver on the promise of an economy that works for all Americans.

To talk about the evolution of this movement and continued impacts of the pandemic, we spoke with Martin Whittaker, CEO of JUST Capital. On his fourth Purpose 360 appearance, Martin discussed new initiatives including the Corporate Racial Equity Tracker and how companies can better “walk the talk'' to address some of the world’s most intractable social issues.

Listen for Martin’s insights on:

  • How JUST Capital made strategic changes to the JUST 100 annual rankings framework, evolved based on the pandemic

  • Why the organization launched the Corporate Racial Equity Tracker to bring greater transparency and accountability to the corporate world through a DE&I lens

  • How CEOs can make authentic decisions using honest internal assessments


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