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Another year of tremendous impact: CCOP's 2023 Year in Review

At the start of each new year, our team pauses to reflect on impact over the previous 12 months. Our journey this past year has been gratifying and we're thrilled to share the highlights with you—our esteemed partners, clients, and friends.

In 2023, our commitment to driving social impact reached new heights. We empowered our clients to not only envision but actualize their impact goals. Together, we developed bespoke strategies and innovative solutions, resulting in transformations in their approaches to responsible business. 


Key to our success was our focus on building authentic, purpose-driven initiatives which became integral parts of our clients' identities. It's heartening to see how these efforts have resonated with their stakeholders to foster deeper connections, trust, and impact. 


We're particularly proud of the accolades our clients received this year. From prestigious awards in sustainability, to recognition for community engagement programs, these honors are a testament to the breakthrough work we've accomplished together. And these achievements are markers of the real, positive change they're making around the world.

As we reflect on the past year, our hearts are full of gratitude for the trust and collaboration we've received from each one of you. Your passion and commitment to making a sustained impact fuel our own purpose here at Carol Cone ON PURPOSE.


Looking ahead, we're excited to continue this journey with you, striving towards a world where businesses are not just the best in the world, but the best for the world. Thank you for being a part of our 2023 story. Here's to a new year filled with even more purposeful and transformative achievements!


Now, dive into our year in numbers below 👇


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