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Finding purpose in a pandemic: COVID-19 resources

The global community is facing an unprecedented challenge: one filled uncertainty, anxiety, and interruption. Life as we know it has changed drastically, but despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to hear stories of good. Of people and communities coming together to support small businesses, help elderly neighbors, share resources, and keep their chins up.

You have probably been thinking about what the future holds. As a collaborative of experts who have been helping companies large and small find and activate their purpose, so have we. The pandemic has caused great uncertainty. But it has also made a few things clearer: how deeply we are all interconnected. How inequality threatens business-as-usual. And how companies with a deeply embedded purpose outperform the market and earn respect by responding with humanity and agility. This time is challenging us all. It also is giving us an opportunity to reimagine how we live and work. What was a gradual evolution in stakeholder expectations is becoming a revolution.

This will be the new normal for a few months, at least. It is our hope that this pandemic does not divide us, but brings the global community together--virtually, locally, nationally, and globally.

With that, we are gathering resources and stories of hope to help you and your colleagues cope. We'll be updating this post regularly, so feel free to bookmark and share. And if you have a resource (or a story) to share, please let us know on Twitter at @cc_onpurpose.


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Our mission at Carol Cone ON PURPOSE is to develop a world of good. As purpose serves as a powerful growth accelerator, we help organizations discover their true reason for being and develop social impact programs that build reputation, engage employees, and guide internal operations.

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Unknown member
Mar 27, 2020

Thank you for this blog post, we will be checking back regularly as the great news continues to pour in! The importance of having a purpose driven business could not be any clearer than in times like these!

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