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Hey Google, What's Your Purpose? | Purpose 360 Podcast

It’s hard to go a day—and for some, even an hour—without interacting with a Google product or service. The global internet company, which is best known for its flagship search console but now sells everything from education software to smart home speakers, has another, lesser-known arm: is aimed at bringing “the best of Google to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges” with a focus on leveraging Google’s people, products, funds, and world-class innovation to better our world. To learn more, we welcomed to the show Megan Wheeler, global project manager at In her role, Megan leads global giving and volunteering campaigns across the enterprise.

Listen for Megan’s insights on:

  • How Google’s well-known “20% time” initiative, which has launched some of the company’s most successful products, services and solutions, enables Googlers to find their personal purpose while driving organizational impact.

  • The importance of localizing and humanizing opportunities to give or volunteer, especially in an organization as massive as Google, and how doing so can result in deeper employee engagement.

  • How to balance reactive giving campaigns (such as those in response to natural disasters) with planned campaigns—and how to develop a program framework that allows for both.


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