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New Report: Five Human Aspirations and the Future of Brands

Download the report here. And, join BBMG and GlobeScan for a webinar on the report on Thursday, October 29, at 11 am EST / 4 pm GMT by registering here.

Like never before, brands are navigating an era of constant change. From data breaches and market volatility to information overload and lightspeed digital evolution, uncertainty abounds. In virtually every industry and category, incumbents are being challenged by upstarts as the marketplace moves faster than ever before.

In this age of uncertainty, how might we create brands of enduring value that are relevant to a new generation and resilient for a new world?

In our new global trends report, “Five Human Aspirations and the Future of Brands,” BBMG and our partners at GlobeScan details a fundamental shift in the marketplace towards authenticity, wellbeing, sustainability and social purpose. And we reveal how the deepest hopes, needs and aspirations of a rising generation of consumers will define our future.

With updated global data from 22,000 consumers across 22 countries, new insights on capitalism, climate change and corporate expectations and five global trends that are shaping business strategy and consumer behavior, the report offers essential implications for brand leadership in the 21st century.


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