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New Rules of Business | Purpose 360 Podcast

“Business as usual” is no longer viable—the landscape has changed, the definition of success has shifted, and the responsibilities of a business now land far beyond merely generating profit. It’s this thesis that frames the insights in a new book called The Six New Rules of Business.

To talk about these insights and more, we welcomed to the show author Judy Samuelson, Founder and Executive Director of the The Aspen Institute Business + Society Program, and Vice President of The Aspen Institute. Beyond sharing what those six new rules are, Judy spoke about the Institute’s work to gather diverse, nonpartisan thought leaders, scholars, creatives, and members of the public to address some of the world’s most complex societal problems.

Listen for Judy’s insights on:

  • The forces reshaping the role of business and value creation, and what purpose-driven leaders today need to understand about those forces

  • Why employees are a business’s greatest “ally” and accountability mechanism, and how they are aligned with the long-term health of an enterprise

  • Why purpose is “ground zero” and an organizing principle for a business’s activity and growth

Listen and subscribe here.


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