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3M | Purpose 360 Podcast

3M — the company behind Command Strips, Post-Its, and thousands of other consumer and industrial products — has a profound commitment to purpose and innovation. The company’s tagline “Science. Applied to Life.” captures 3M’s massive R&D investments, vibrant culture, and comprehensive community engagement efforts, including a signature focus on STEM education and equity.

Joining Purpose 360 to speak about 3M’s purpose is Gayle Schueller, PhD, VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, and Michael Stroik, VP, 3M Foundation and Director, 3Mgives Community Relations.

Listen for Gayle and Michael’s insights on:

  • How 3M engages its people via community engagement programs, concretely linking employee skills and roles to opportunities to help youth succeed in STEM and beyond

  • The role of innovation in 3M’s operations, culture, and approach to community engagement and giving

  • 3M’s COVID-19 response, from ramping up mask, face shield, and N95 respirator production to philanthropic giving and enabling e-volunteering and engagements

  • How 3M inspires people to join them in creating a more positive world through science


  • About 3M

  • 3M Giving and Volunteerism

  • 3M Impact Skills-Based Service Program

  • 3M Foundation

  • Gayle Schueller on LinkedIn

  • Michael Stroik on LinkedIn


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