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Purpose and Resilience: Insights from Organon's Journey

A mother holding her baby.

In a recent episode of Purpose 360, Geralyn Ritter's story of survival and determination after the Amtrak 188 derailment painted a vivid picture of human resilience. But more importantly, it highlighted how personal purpose can drive professional excellence. Despite two and a half years away from work, Ritter's commitment to making an impact led her back to the corporate world, illustrating that adversity can fuel a deeper dedication to one’s life’s work.

Cultivating a Purpose-Driven Culture

Organon, a spinoff focusing on women's health, recognizes that culture and purpose are symbiotic. With purpose at its center, the company’s culture drives behaviors that propel the organization forward. Their approach? Begin with a solid vision and values that resonate. Their values range from “Be Real” to “Bring Your Fire,” emphasizing authenticity and passion. This isn't just about selling a product; it's about embodying a mission that every employee can articulate and rally behind.

Her Promise: A Global Commitment to Women’s Health

Organon's purpose, "Her Promise," is based on a simple yet profound premise: each of the four billion women and girls worldwide holds a unique potential that can be fulfilled through better health. From their slogan "Here for Her Health" to their vision of “a better and healthier every day for every woman,” Organon underscores a global ambition to serve women's health needs at every stage of life. The focus on gender equity is not just a talking point—it's a measurable goal. They publish data on gender equity across all levels of the company, exemplifying transparency and accountability.

Bridging the Gap in Women’s Healthcare

One of Organon’s key insights is the acknowledgment of vast unmet needs in women’s health. Conditions like endometriosis and preterm labor, which disproportionately affect women, have seen little innovation over decades. Organon's entrepreneurial spirit opens doors to new medicines and devices, addressing these gaps head-on. They're not only a pharmaceutical company; they’re advocates, educators, and community partners, focusing on what’s missing and striving to fill those voids.

The Power of Intentional Leadership

Organon's leadership, led by Ritter, brings an intentional approach to decision-making. Whether it's forming a diverse board or launching impactful initiatives like Merck for Mothers, every action is purposeful. Their goal to prevent 120 million unplanned pregnancies by 2030 through their Her Promise initiative is not just ambitious; it’s a testament to their commitment to global health and women’s empowerment.

The Takeaway

Organon's journey from a segment within Merck to a standalone entity dedicated to women's health exemplifies the transformative power of purpose. Their approach combines the tenacity of a startup with the resources of a seasoned player, setting a new standard in corporate culture and purpose-driven business. For social impact professionals, Organon’s story is a masterclass in leveraging purpose to drive business success and societal change.

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