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Purpose Mindset | Purpose 360 Podcast

Akhtar Badshah is an expert on social impact, CSR, philanthropy, and international development—in addition to being an author and artist. Akhtar spent a decade at Microsoft, acting as a senior director of citizenship and public affairs to lead the company’s global community investment and employee programs.

After leaving Microsoft, Akhtar founded Catalytic Innovators Group, a consulting practice focused on accelerating social impact through catalytic innovation. Additionally, he teaches at the University of Washington School of Business, and Evans School of Public Policy and Governance. His most recent book, Purpose Mindset, helps people recognize their deeper purpose in life—both in terms of who they want to become, and who they want to serve.

Listen for Akhtar’s insights on:

  • How Microsoft developed, evolved, and scaled its global citizenship efforts, including groundbreaking programs like YouthSpark; and how it engaged and empowered employees around the world through skilled volunteerism, gift matching, and more

  • How to advocate for investments and advancements in citizenship, philanthropy, and purpose within your organization

  • How adopting a “purpose mindset” can help both senior leaders and ground-floor employees bring personal purpose to work, and thus better invest in an organization’s purpose and the stakeholders it serves


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