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My passion to advance the strategy of purpose with organizations and brands frequently has no off switch! Yet, last week I had a moment to pause—and I'm happy I did. As one of 50 individuals selected by Campaign US for their 2023 Inspiring Women Awards, I had the opportunity to meet a number of extraordinary women. The Awards recognize the most progressive and boundary-pushing women in marketing, creativity, media, technology, change management, leadership, and rising stars. Surrounded by these amazing individuals, I realized their exceptional dedication to their craft. Thanks to Campaign US for their kind words about me, below. That pause recharged me to continue my journey.

Filter by values.

Job searches on LinkedIn are about to get a lot more meaningful for candidates. LinkedIn's new job search feature, Commitments, allows people searching for jobs to find companies with values that align with theirs. Commitments allows companies to select and display their values, starting from a pre-populated list of five options: work-life balance, DEI, career growth and learning, social impact, and environmental sustainability. It's a bit of a limited set of potential values, but it's a good start for a generation of workers that increasingly opts to work for companies that provide them with a sense of purpose, meaning, and belonging. // Quartz: Get ready for job searches on LinkedIn to include a lot more parsing of values

Carbon neutral by 2050?

Two-thirds of Americans believe companies are doing too little to reduce the effects of climate change, according to new research from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The report also found that 69% of Americans support the US becoming carbon neutral by 2050, and nearly seven-in-ten support the US prioritizing renewable energy sources over the production of oil and coal. // Pew: What the data says about Americans' views of climate change

Earn a 'return on commute.'

That's the message Cisco is sending workers with its new "experience centers," which transform the traditional office into a space worth commuting for. Cisco's new Atlanta workspace also showcases the company's hybrid work products and services, which customers are invited to use alongside the tech company's employees. The midtown hub also includes smart sensors and technology used to track occupancy and traffic, which Cisco will use to inform the development of future workspaces. Finally, an "office" shaped by user habits, instead of vice versa. // Forbes: Don't call it an office: Cisco aims to draw workers—and customers—to new 'experience centers' with a 'return on commute'

Debunking Gen Z job myths.

Gen Z is expected to make up more than 25% of the global workforce by 2025, leading many companies to reexamine the workplace experiences they offer to candidates. However, companies may not need to change much—recent polling from McKinsey found that across generations, employees generally want the same things, "with a few important caveats." While attrition rates vary by generation, the reasons for leaving a job are similar and include "inadequate compensation, lack of career development and advancement, and uncaring leadership." // McKinsey & Company: Gen what? Debunking age-based myths about worker preferences

Congratulations, Carol!

"Cone’s investment of time, energy and passion to put corporations’ and brands’ core competencies to work to address the world’s most pressing issues is unparalleled. She makes people, brands and corporations better by shining a light on their strengths and vulnerabilities, and then providing an ethical and pragmatic path to change. She continues to inspire business leaders in all sizes of organization to be courageous and committed as they discover, develop, embed, and execute purpose in authentic and innovative ways." Campaign US Inspiring Women Awards 2023

What does a sustainable future look like? And how can we get there? Join Sally Uren, Chief Executive at Forum for the Future, and Carol Cone as they walk through what it takes to create a just and regenerative future and the opportunity that could be the great unlock.


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