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This year, I decided to attend different types of conferences to be inspired in new ways. Most recently, I visited San Diego to attend Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Generation, which absolutely hit the spot! In attendance were 200+ women from all industries, nonprofits, and areas of expertise—all buzzing with energy and determination to advance their passions. Purpose was evident throughout, integrated into the ethos of startups and established brands alike. A key theme of the event was "voice," especially in terms of listening to customers, consumers, and employees in order to build relationships with and shape the future of products and services. Belonging was another theme, especially as the next generation of workers (Gen Z) seeks greater transparency, ethics, and authentic DE&I commitments from their employers. Ultimately, organizations must align their internal policies with external actions. My takeaway is this: Fortune is a powerful and provocative supporter of purpose.

132 years 'til pay equity. That's how long it will take for women to catch up with men, according to AAUW, a nonpartisan organization working to advance economic opportunity for women. Today, women earn just 83% of what men do, and the gap widens for women of color. It not only impacts annual earnings but contributes to a wealth gap, making it harder for women to accumulate savings and achieve economic security. Women have just 32% of the wealth men have accumulated, and just 70% of the overall retirement income that men have. // AAUW: The Gender Pay Gap

In brands we trust. BandAid, Lysol, Kleenex, and Dove. These are all brands you'd add to your basket while at the drug store—but they are also among America's most trusted brands. Others in the top 10 are Amazon, Cheerios, Visa, and UPS. Each year, Morning Consult determines which brands have earned consumer trust by demonstrating that they're willing to go above and beyond to do the right thing. // Morning Consult: Most Trusted Brands 2023

The loneliness epidemic. The use of the word "epidemic" is not hyperbole: a newly-released report from the U.S. Surgeon General sounded a warning about America's state of social isolation and its negative impact on individuals and communities, including increased risks of physical and mental health problems. The report provides evidence-based strategies and interventions to promote social connection, such as fostering strong relationships, strengthening communities, and utilizing technology for virtual connections. It calls for collective action from individuals, communities, and policymakers to address social isolation and cultivate a culture of meaningful social connections to improve health outcomes. For businesses, this means implementing initiatives such as mental health policies, flexible work arrangements, and training programs to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding loneliness. // U.S. Surgeon General: Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation // Deed: How to prioritize mental health in the workplace

Patagonia vs. The Trump Organization You might be surprised to see these two companies on the same list, but Patagonia and The Trump Organization bookend the 2023 Axios Harris 100 reputation rankings. Each year, the rankings demonstrate how traditional factors such as financial performance and product quality are no longer the sole determinants of a company's reputation. Elements including social and environmental responsibility, ethical practices, and employee treatment are increasing in importance among consumers. // Axios: The 2023 Axios Harris Poll 100 reputation rankings

Millions of women and girls around the world face stigma, discrimination, and exclusion simply because they menstruate. As a leader in feminine care products, Kimberly-Clark believes a period should never stand in the way of a woman's progress. We invited Alison Lewis, Chief Growth Officer, to discuss how Kimberly-Clark champions women and celebrates their progress year-round through their purpose-driven initiatives and continued progress to provide Better Care for a Better World.


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