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Purpose Fellow

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About this Role

Carol Cone ON PURPOSE (CCOP) is seeking a Purpose Fellow with a passion for purpose and sustainability and a can-do attitude. As one of the nation’s leading purpose consultancies, CCOP helps clients identify, refine, implement, and amplify their commitments to purpose and ESG (environment, social, and governance).

Our ideal Fellow is detail-oriented, responsive, organized, and self-sufficient. This person will contribute to our client work with a focus on research, content development, and general account support.

Estimated amount of time per month: 20 - 30 hours. 

Compensation: $20/hour; course credit can be provided. 


  • Pursuing a Bachelor's degree or higher.

  • Desire to build on existing knowledge of purpose and ESG; or a desire to develop that knowledge alongside our team.

  • The initiative to work remotely and stay on top of deadlines; plus a willingness to ask questions and reach out for support when needed.

  • Excellent organization and written communication skills.


While the responsibilities of our Fellows can vary based on the client, time of year, and specific project, most encompass the following:

  • Research across a variety of topics—from global hunger and poverty data to digital marketing channels.

  • Admin and planning for client accounts, such as scheduling, sending reminders, circulating documents, etc.

  • Drafting client deliverables such as PowerPoint decks or blog posts.

  • Participating in client brainstorms and conversations.

How You Work

  • You’re a strong written communicator, with a knack for synthesizing research and information into actionable insights. 

  • You understand proper grammar, punctuation, and formatting. Your deliverables are turned in ready to be reviewed for content, not typos. 

  • You’re a sharp note-taker. You listen closely and capture focused, actionable notes for a variety of (fascinating) discussions.

  • You’re a great researcher: quick, focused, and effective. 

  • You ask smart, strategic questions. Then you get busy crossing things off your list. 

  • You’re driven, a constant learner, and a bit of a perfectionist. 

  • You can set your own schedule and work independently and/or in a virtual capacity. You’re accountable and proactive in raising your hand when you need help.

  • You can develop Word and PowerPoint documents, with an understanding of basic design principles.

About CCOP

Carol Cone ON PURPOSE (CCOP) is a fast-paced consultancy created by the “mother of social purpose,” Carol Cone. We help organizations articulate, accelerate, and activate their purpose beyond profits – what they stand for, and why. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, privately held organizations, brands, NGOs, and foundations. We also have a global network, The Purpose Collaborative, to serve a full spectrum of client needs: research, video production, employee engagement, sustainability strategy and reporting, digital marketing and more. The Collaborative includes 40 members spanning 20 countries and more than 400 professionals. To learn more, visit

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