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Purpose Consulting

Carol Cone ON PURPOSE was launched in 2015 as a flexible, authentic, experts-at-the-center purpose consulting model to advance organizations' reasons for being beyond profit. Hands-on.

From discovering what purpose means to your organization through an introductory workshop to strategy development, leadership positioning, employee engagement, and partnerships, we work with brands, nonprofits, and corporations alike.

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Discover Purpose

If you're new to purpose, our proven approach takes your team from confusion to consensus around near-term priorities and longer-term ambition. And, we can start with something as simple as a half-day introductory workshop.

Develop Strategy

We architect strategies that deliver on your distinctive organizational objectives, creating robust programs that last. Because purpose must perform, we also help with external benchmarking, setting your targets, and measuring results.

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Build Reputation

Purpose can help build organizational reputation.  Our sophisticated leadership positioning work builds reputation with audiences that matter most, enhances stock price, deepens relationships, and wins awards. 

Forge Partnerships

We help identify and vet partners to ensure values alignment, financial health, past performance, and ability to deliver on your program objectives. Taking a shared value approach, we broker relationships that result in impacts beyond what each partner could achieve alone.

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Engage Employees

Purposeful employees are more productive, more likely to want to work (and work harder), and more likely to stay. We know how to link purpose to day-to-day performance, from factory floor to the C-suite, crafting employee engagement strategies that both inspire and perform.

Power Nonprofits

We created the first signature nonprofit platform in the early 90s, and continue to innovate nonprofit strategies. From corporate partnerships and fundraising strategies to signature platforms and new models, our team understands how to empower your stakeholders to advocate for your mission. Today, and tomorrow.  

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The Purpose Collaborative

To augment and scale our capabilities, we created the Purpose Collaborative, a 45+ firm-strong global network of the best purpose-centric agencies and issue experts. 

Think the Hollywood modelwith strategy and creative at the centerand custom teams built to give clients the precise capabilities they need in a lean, cost-effective structure.


Hand-picked teams with the extensive expertise to deliver boldly, on time, and on budget. 



CCOP partners lead client strategy, creative concept development, and overall management

Purpose Collaborative

Execution is provided via custom teams selected and managed through CCOP

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