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Last week in Chicago, I was honored and humbled to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from PRWeek. This award celebrates individuals who have defined the field of public relations and communications through pioneering ideas, breakthrough strategies, and bold leadership. Of my award, the PRWeek team wrote, ”Carol Cone has made an outstanding mark on the field of social impact. With her breakthrough ideas, she has helped brands build their businesses through initiatives that create true positive change.” Watch a video created by my dear friend Elliot Kotek here.

How to talk about the war in Israel

Global and political issues are often challenging topics in the workplace, and the ongoing crisis in Israel and Palestine is both tragic and extremely complex. Before companies even think about making public statements about the conflict, they need to be equipped to have honest, fact-based conversations with their employees—many of whom may be personally affected. Fortune’s article on how leaders can talk to their employees about the war has straightforward guidelines to help companies navigate the complexity and reality of the situation. // FortuneThe War in Israel: How to talk about it in the workplace

Make a living, and have a life From “Think Week” to Real Beauty, some of the world’s most notable brands are helping rewrite the rules of work-life balance. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Dove, and others are setting boundaries, fostering a culture of flexibility, and prioritizing employee well-being. Microsoft has policies like "No Meeting Fridays" to provide dedicated time for focused work and personal rejuvenation. Netflix emphasizes the need for trust and autonomy, allowing employees to manage their own schedules. Apple encourages work-life balance by promoting mindfulness and offering wellness programs. Leaders would be wise to learn from these organizations, especially as Gen Z employees seek equilibrium and wellbeing over long hours and unrealistic expectations. // Fast CompanyLessons on work-life balance from Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, and others

One giant leap for women For just the third time in history, the Nobel Prize was awarded to a woman. Renowned economist Claudia Goldin has long drawn attention to the persistent gender gap in high-paying jobs. In her groundbreaking research, Goldin highlights how women are often deterred from pursuing careers in fields such as finance and law (so-called “greedy” jobs) due to long hours and inflexible work schedules. She emphasizes the need for organizations to adopt policies that promote work-life balance and flexibility, enabling women to thrive in these lucrative sectors. Goldin's work serves as a wake-up call, urging society to address the systemic barriers that hinder women's progress in traditionally male-dominated industries. // FortuneClaudia Goldin says “greedy jobs” becoming more accessible to women

Passport to greener opportunities EY and Microsoft have joined forces to introduce the Green Skills Passport, an innovative initiative aimed at promoting sustainable education and equipping individuals with essential green skills. This digital platform will provide learners with access to a wide range of sustainability-focused courses, enabling them to develop expertise in areas such as renewable energy, circular economy, and climate change. The partnership aims to address the growing demand for professionals with sustainability knowledge and empower individuals to contribute to a greener future—a significant step towards a more sustainable workforce. // Sustainable BrandsEY, Microsoft partner to advance sustainability education worldwide

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Listen to this episode and others. Operating a successful purpose-led company comes with its share of challenges — even to the companies that excel at it. We invited Shannon Schuyler, Chief Purpose & Inclusion Officer at PwC, to return to Purpose 360 to walk you through the nuances of these challenges and how to overcome them through the lens of her work, challenges, and progress at PwC.


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