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I love attending conferences with provocative speakers. Last week’s Fortune Impact Initiative in Atlanta was a great one for that very reason. Here are a few gems:

  • How do you decide what issues to engage with? Listen to your associates, said Walmart's Kathleen McLaughlin, who continually listens to employees. Then ask: Do you have license from your stakeholders on a certain issue? Would engaging make the issue better?

  • “Silence unfortunately is consent,” said former Representative and activist Stacey Abrams. DE&I is about articulating your values. She suggests talking about the successes of DE&I and how it improves on a company's ability to deliver better products.

  • There are around 2 billion Gen Zers around the world. Include them in your thinking and decision making. Whatever you do, do not make decisions for them. “They are asking for a seat at the table,” says JUV's Ziad Ahmed. He warned: “Dismissing their anger is naïve.”

If you're making plans for great learning and networking events in 2024, Fortune’s Impact Initiative is one to attend. Read more insights from the event here.

Don't disappoint your mother.

Apple has made big strides in its sustainability initiatives, recently announcing its intent to make all Apple products carbon neutral by 2030. But does Apple's progress stand up to Mother Nature's standards? Find our for yourself in this cheeky—and incredibly clever—sustainability update.

We asked Americans what they think about the term 'ESG.'

In partnership with Purpose Collaborative member Reputation Leaders, a global research and thought leadership consultancy, we asked Americans what term they feel best describes “the approach companies take to improve business, society and the environment.” ESG and sustainability are tied for the top, at 23% each. Corporate social responsibility is second, at 21%, followed by purpose (11%), corporate citizenship (8%), stakeholder capitalism (7%) and stewardship (5%). This study can help companies explore the terms they use to discuss the impact their business has on society. It's important to develop a clear, shared perspective and take a long-term view. // Triple PunditWhat Americans Really Think About the Term 'ESG'

Improvise. Scavenge. Protect. Adapt.

Nike's new shoe, the ISPA (Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt) Link Axis, solves a sticky challenge in circular fashion: disassembly. In particular, the glues and adhesives used in many shoes make them difficult to disassemble and recycle or reuse. The Link Axis not only leaves out glue, but it has interlocking components and minimal materials, embodying the circular design principles of material choice, waste avoidance, and refurbishment. // Sustainable BrandsNike unveils fully circular shoe designed for disassembly, recyclability

Massive commitments to minimize carbon.

Microsoft has signed a multi-year agreement with Heirloom, a Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology company, for the removal of up to 315,000 metric tons of CO2—a deal considered one of the largest carbon removal agreements to date. DAC technology extracts CO2 directly from the atmosphere, after which it can be used as a raw material or permanently removed by placing it in underground storage. Heirloom and partners Battelle and Climeworks are developing Project Cypress, a DAC hub in Louisiana capable of capturing over 1 million metric tons of CO2 annually for underground storage. This is a big step toward's Microsoft's initiative to become carbon negative by 2030. // ESG TodayMicrosoft signs one of the largest-ever permanent carbon removal deals

The EPiQ unlock to supercharge your culture.

Nearly 70% of employees say it's not enough for their employers to generate a profit. Employees believe their employers have a responsibility to positively impact society, from fellow employees to communities. In order to help companies better act on insights like this one, we developed a brief eBook exploring the many benefits of purpose to supercharge and enrich culture. // Carol Cone ON PURPOSEPurpose at Work (eBook)

Step into the future of journalism as Alexa Mikhail, Gen Z reporter for Fortune Magazine, takes center stage, unraveling the vibrant tapestry of her profession while uncovering the transformative impact of her generation in the workplace and amidst the mental health revolution.


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