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Exploring the "Four Cs" in 2024 | Purposeful Connections

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How will your organization embrace the Four Cs in 2024? Read our latest article in Fast Company to learn how a focus on colleagues, communication, collaboration, and courage will serve as a beacon for business leaders in the year ahead. Featuring insights from the brilliant minds of the Purpose Collaborative, this annual set of predictions always helps our team level-set for the months to come. This year, our members had so many incredible insights on a range of topics that we compiled them all in a bonus blog, which you can read here.

We're curious: What are your predictions for purpose in 2024? And what do you want to learn about—or see more of—in Purposeful Connections? Let us know on LinkedIn here.

✨ Totally trendy: What's on trend for 2024? From graphic design and culture to annual meetings and investing, SpaceCadet has gathered (almost) all of the internet's 2024 trends on one site. Some of our favorites include: Backslash's Future of Employee Experience, Google's Digital Marketing Trends, Mintel's Global Consumer Trends, Nieman Lab's Journalism Predictions, Syndio's Workplace Equity Trends, Think Forward's Global Report, and WEF's Chief Economists Outlook.

SpaceCadet2024 Trend Forecast

🎗️ Mission-aligned, purpose-driven: Do your employees experience "purpose congruence"? According to HBR, purpose congruence occurs when employees believe their beliefs and values align with that of their employer—without feeling forced. That last bit is tricky, but vital, because "forcing" purpose on employees, the author says, can lead to homogeneity, "which can increase group-think and limit innovation and diversity." Purpose-driven companies need to invest in helping employees "better personalize purpose into their daily activities." Learn how in the HBR article below. 

🗂️ Getting to work: The last four years have been tumultuous for employees, from going fully-remote during the pandemic to grappling with RTO mandates in 2023. What comes next? Where people work is among the leading workplace topics for companies of all sizes, but there's a lot more shaping work in 2024. Based on data from 1 billion users across 200 countries, LinkedIn highlighted some of the top trends to watch in the year ahead, ranging from the interplay between humans and AI to an increase in "green collar" hiring.

Ready to transform 2024 with purpose? Our first episode of the new year features the brilliance of David L. Casey of Tapestry, Caryl Stern of LionTree, and Andy Pharoah of Mars as they share insights and predictions for navigating challenges and making a purposeful impact in the year ahead.


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