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It's here: Our top 10 of 2023

Our readers, listeners, and viewers have spoken: CCOP's Top 10 of 2023 covers the most popular content we created this year, from episodes of Purpose 360 Podcast to editions of Purposeful Connections Newsletter. We hope you enjoy revisiting the content below—or, if you're new to our community, discovering the power of purpose.

#1: Purpose strategy cultivator, Carol Cone, on the power of purpose. Read the USA Today article

#2: In pursuit of purpose at Kerry Group. Listen to the episode 

#3: ESG is just fine, Americans say. Read the article

#4: A simple way to save a life. Read the newsletter

#5: Purpose at Work. Download the eBook

#6: Navigating challenges on the path to purpose with PwC. Listen to the episode

#7: Creative commitments, innovative impact. Read the newsletter

#8: Celebrating a Pioneer: PRWeek Lifetime Achievement Award. Watch the video

#9: Measure what matters: Are you optimizing purpose to uplift your workforce? Read the article

#10: What is happening with ESG? Listen to the episode

Inspired? Find more editions of our newsletter, Purposeful Connections, here; listen to Purpose 360 Podcast here; see CCOP in the news here; and download our latest eBooks and research here.


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