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Eleven years ago, a group at NYC's 92nd Street Y, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, launched an experiment meant to redirect the post-Thanksgiving spending surge toward worthy causes. Today, Giving Tuesday is an international movement and an independent nonprofit organization helping to inspire "radical generosity." This year, we'd like to use our platform to highlight the incredible work of our nonprofit clients, partners, and friends:

A day of giving 🙏 In the decade-plus since Giving Tuesday started, the movement has raised billions of dollars for charities around the world. In 2022 alone, Americans donated $3.1 billion on Giving Tuesday, a not-insignificant portion of the total $499 billion donated over the full year. The real magic of Giving Tuesday, though, might be in the platform it's given nonprofits, especially smaller organizations. Savvy nonprofits also use Giving Tuesday to float other avenues of giving back, such as signing up to volunteer or advocating for a specific cause. However you celebrate Giving Tuesday today, we hope you take an action—no matter how small or large—to support the nonprofits in your community working to make a better world. // VoxGiving Tuesday, explained

A tasty solution to food waste 🫐 Can two slices of bread help combat the massive issue of food waste? That's the hope behind Hellman's "Between 2 Slices" campaign, which urges people to fight holiday food waste by making creative sandwiches. Each Thanksgiving, 2-in-3 families throw away food in the U.S., and 25% think leftovers are "boring." While the campaign is clever, the issue of food waste is serious: "Were it a country, food waste would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the USA." (PS: This stat illuminates why composting food scraps or waste is so important!) // Sustainable BrandsCGF, Hellmann's, keeping food waste top of mind this holiday season

The most trusted NGOs 🎖️ "Trust is in decline"—we've read versions of this headline for years, in relation to institutions ranging from the government to the media. While nonprofit organizations have generally garnered higher trust ratings, the Wise Giving Alliance conducted research to understand which nonprofits are trusted (veteran's groups), and which are not (religious organizations). This is important for a variety of reasons, but especially in terms of giving: 70% of donors say it's "essential" to trust an organization before donating. // The Chronicle of Philanthropy—Most trusted charities? Veteran's groups. Who's falling? Religious organizations.

Just like the name says... 💧

Freewater is, well, free water. What's the catch? The company's "bottles," which come in both the recyclable aluminum and carton variety, are completely covered in advertisements. The idea is simple: Brands pay Freewater to put their advertisements on bottles, and then Freewater hands out water. Plus, 10 cents of every bottle sold is donated to WellAware, a nonprofit that builds wells for communities in need. // Freewater

Every 79 seconds, someone is killed or injured in a drunk or impaired driving crash in the United States. Tragically, this risk increases to approximately 21 million chances of encountering an accident between November 1 and January 1. Join this powerful conversation with Stacey Stewart, CEO, and Kim Pucci from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to learn how MADD is driving impact in reducing impaired driving and learn what you can do ToGetThere safely this holiday season.


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