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Anne Hundertmark

Senior Associate

Anne is a dedicated advocate for impactful change, approaching her work with unwavering tenacity and a deep understanding that meaningful transformation requires proactive effort. Her passion lies in corporate social responsibility and philanthropy, where she leverages her professional experience to drive purposeful outcomes.

As Senior Associate at Carol Cone ON PURPOSE, Anne is at the forefront of crafting signature programs for multi-billion dollar corporations, managing corporate foundations, and fostering impactful partnerships. She also produces the Purpose 360 Podcast, amplifying the stories and best practices of the purpose-driven individuals and organizations driving impact today.

Anne's commitment to purpose extends beyond her professional journey. While completing her Bachelor’s degree in Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability from Saint Joseph’s University’s Haub School of Business, she conducted research on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and and consulted for aspiring local Benefit Corporations, showcasing her dedication to merging academic insights with practical impact. With a holistic approach to philanthropy, Anne has experience working with both nonprofits and foundations and is a passionate volunteer in her local community.

Anne Hundertmark
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