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Purpose Development: Vaseline Healing Project


Identify and develop Vaseline's social purpose to renew its relevance to consumers worldwide.


At the time, Unilever required brands generating more than $1 billion in annual revenues to adopt an aligned and powerful social purpose. Vaseline found it was losing relevance and market share as a healing product. Research revealed that for people living amid crisis and disaster, a small cut or skin injury can lead to disease and potentially become life threatening. In partnership with the Vaseline brand team, CCOP principals* connected the attributes of Vaseline jelly - protect and heal wounds - to an urgent medical need: medical supplies and healing help in communities, war-torn regions, and refugee camps following natural disasters and conflict. To raise awareness, maximize impact and become part of the rescue treatment plan, Vaseline partnered with experts in the field to ensure the product was quickly delivered to areas of need, as well as supporting NGOs in providing critical hands-on medical treatment.

*Work conducted by CCOP principals at Edelman.


Helped heal the skin of more than 4.3 million people to date, working toward a global target of 5 million people by 2020

4.8 million products donated

Medical missions in 12 countries, and product donation in 60+ countries

1,200+ medical practitioners trained

1.5 billion earned impressions, with more than 915 placements

Made Vaseline relevant again, contributing to the product's top-of-mind awareness, as well as becoming a more beloved product

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