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Microsoft | Purpose 360 Podcast

Since pioneering personal computing, Microsoft has continued to push the boundaries of innovation through its growing suite of products and services. With more than 75 million customers, 160,000 employees, and presence in 190 countries, Microsoft is truly a technology behemoth. So, it’s no surprise that the company has a long list of global social impact commitments, ranging from digital inclusion initiatives and rural broadband access to robust employee engagement programs.

To talk about all things “good” at Microsoft, we spoke with Kate Behncken, Vice President and Lead of Microsoft Philanthropies. Listen for Kate’s insights on:

  • How Microsoft focuses its far-reaching social impact efforts, ensuring every program ladders up to corporate purpose and values, while having localized, meaningful impact.

  • Why Microsoft places employees at the center of many of its social impact programs, and how their ideas are instrumental to the pursuit of the company’s purpose.

  • How Microsoft brings digital “skilling” initiatives to life around the world, for beneficiaries ranging from urban children to adults in rural areas.

  • The role of innovation in purpose, including examples such as Xbox’s adaptive controller for disabled gamers.

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