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Nextdoor | Purpose 360 Podcast

By bringing neighbors together, we can cultivate a kinder world, where everyone has a community they can rely on. That’s the idea behind Nextdoor, the growing social network for neighborhoods and the people, businesses, and organizations that make them unique.

To talk about how Nextdoor brings purpose home, and how the platform played a critical role in COVID-19 response, we welcomed to the show Maryam Banikarim, Head of Marketing. Listen for Maryam’s insights on:

  • How Nextdoor built a productive platform for individuals, small businesses, nonprofits, community organizations, and local governments to connect and support one another

  • How Nextdoor rapidly implemented new functionality in response to the pandemic, to better support communities and mobilize resources

  • Why Nextdoor integrated local nonprofits and community organizations so deeply into the platform, and how it empowers neighbors to support them

  • How Nextdoor is taking a big-picture approach to community engagement, with neighborhoods as powerful “units of change” that can drive civil progress (and kindness) at scale

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